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100% Myotonic and Myotonic-Boer Goats
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Myotonic-Boer Crosses for Sale

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Our goal is to raise a healthy, harmonious goat herd. We cross Boer does with Myotonic bucks to yield a higher production meat goat. This combines the larger frame of the Boer with the higher meat-to-bone density of the Myotonic. We give our meat goats individual time and handling, and we know them all by name.

Our goats are great for herd improvement or as foundation stock for start-up herds. In addition to higher meat yields; they're gentle, fun, low-maintenance, and enjoy human attention. The 2018 Myotonic breeding program is in progress. The Myotonic-Boer breeding program will start in September.Take a look at pictures and biographies of our herd.

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About Us

We began breeding and raising goats at the J-I Ranch initially as a way to keep the fence lines and lake banks tidy and to supplement our income after retirement. We found we enjoyed being surrounded by healthy, happy goats and quickly settled into a philosophy of maintaining a small pasture-fed, free-range herd in an enriched goat environment with frequent handling and interaction. Our herd is made up entirely of meat goats. We have Myotonic, also know as "fainting goats", and Boer breeds. The playfulness and boisterousness of the Boer goats fit us to a “T”, but we also love the quiet, gentleness of the Myotonics. Interested in herd & breed improvement, we have chosen to specialize in 100% Myotonic and Myotonic-Boer crosses. Boer goats are the largest of all meat goats. The Myotonic goats have smaller frames, but offer a higher meat-to-bone ratio. Our Myotonic-Boer crosses are low-maintenance, easy keepers with a high meat yield.

Showing Goats

Goats are available for pick-up only, and we require a deposit to hold a particular goat or for custom-order accessories.

We are registered breeders with the Myotonic Goat Registry. Breeder Number: 2116. Breeder Suffix: JIR.


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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