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You’ll Love Myotonic-Boer Crosses!

At J-I Ranch in Bedias, Texas, we sell meat goats and goat accessories. Stock from our herd makes for great agriculture projects, show goats, livestock additions for herd improvements, and foundation goats for starting new herds.

Goats for Sale

Myotonic-Boer crosses are bred specifically to yield a higher production meat goat. We also offer 100% Myotonic goats.

New Arrivals 

Every spring & fall, newborn kids arrive on the ranch. In 2017, the Fall kidding focused mainly on 100% Myotonic kids with a smaller selection of Myotonic-Boer 50-50 crosses. With 26 kids arriving in two weeks...including two sets of quads...things were busy at the ranch! The final arrivals from the 2017 breeding season are scheduled for delivery in late February-early March 2018. These kids will include Myotonic-Boer 50-50 crosses from our senior Boer does and 100% Myotonic kids from the Myotonic does and junior bucks participating in the autumn shows. With the introduction of new herd sires in 2017, we are  eagerly awaiting the results from the new bloodlines.

Our kids are weaned and available for pick-up at 8-12 weeks. Unless otherwise arranged, all kids will be dis-budded and CDT-vaccinated. We encourage you to select your kids early.

Herd Does

Our Boer does have a lovely mixed heritage. Made up of reds, chocolate, and traditional white with brown heads; the does include our "valley girl" from South Texas and the "sisters" with New Zealand bloodlines. Peppercorn and Ruby, two of our 2016 Fall / Spring 2017 50-50 cross doelings, were added to the herd does to start-up an exciting new line of percentage meat goats - 75% Myotonic-25% Boer. 

Six registered Myotonic does with championship show bloodlines were added as mothers of future herd sires and as the foundation for our 100% Myotonic herd. We have also added six registered black & white Myotonic does with Tennessee bloodlines. The first kids arrived in Fall 2016. Two of the doelings, Jane and Morag, were kept and incorporated into the herd. Jane recently won Grand Champion Doe at the '2017 Iowa's Premier Myotonic Show'. 

Herd Sires

Our Myotonic herd sires come from a long-line of award-winning bucks. Zeus (aka Wolf River Dalton) is the son of 2014 National Champion ‘Wolf River Malachi’ and grandson of Permanent Grand Champion ‘Hillside Acres Dinger’. 'Hillside Acres' Cash is the son of Permanent Grand Champion ‘S-L Cee Money’ and great-grandson of Permanent Grand Champion ‘Jamcin’s Sassparilla’, Permanent Grand Champion ‘Redbud Eight Kris’ and Permanent Grand Champion ‘S-L Superman’.  

In 2017, three young bucks were introduced to provide bloodline diversity - 'Rising Sun Goat Farm Jaxson', 'Hillside Acres Bear', and 'Powerhouse Genetics Thunder'.  Powerhouse Genetics Thunder is grandson of Permanent Grand Champion 'Bakken's Farm Kid Rock'. Jaxson is the son of Permanent Grand Champion 'Powerhouse Genetics Hugh' and Grand Champion 'Buck Creek Joline', and grandson of Permanent Grand Champion 'Buck Creek Hannah' and Permanent Grand Champion 'Buck Creek Romeo'. Jaxson recently won Grand Champion Buck and twice Jr Champion Buck at the '2017 MGR Midwest Myotonic Show'. Bear is the son of Permanent Grand Champion 'Bakken's Farm Kid Rock' and great grandson of Permanent Grand Champion 'Jamsim's Sassparila' and great grandson of 2010 National Champion 'Woody Creek Farm WLS Hotrod'. Born in January 2017, Bear is already establishing himself winning Reserve Grand Champion Buck, Jr Champion Buck, and twice Reserve Jr Champion Buck at the '2017 Iowa's Premier Myotonic Show' and Reserve Grand Champion Buck, Jr Champion Buck, and Reserve Jr Champion Buck at the '2017 MGR Midwest Myotonic Show'.   

All herd sires are registered 100% Myotonic bucks. 









Goat Accessories

You can also come to J-I Ranch for goat accessories. We make and sell hay racks, raised feed troughs, raised sunning decks, and portable pens with specialty panels. All accessories are available in custom and standard sizes. These are quality, affordable alternatives to goat accessories you will find elsewhere.

We can build to custom specs or modify existing equipment to meet your unique requirements.

Stand-alone 5' feeder with 4"x 2" panel inserts to minimize waste. Includes "butt-builder" center bar. 

Raised feeder with open channels for easy cleaning.  Includes overhead bar to discourage climbing; keeping even the little ones out of the feed. 

Outfit your trailer with custom dividers and removable hay racks.

Portable Pens and Raised Sunning Decks

Panels can be used independently and in combination with existing fence; pinned to suit size and shape of space. Specialty panels such as gates and creep-feed panels are also available. Standard panel size is 8' x 35" or 8' x 60".

Raised, expanded-metal sunning decks are perfect for providing a dry, ventilated platform for keeping goats off the ground. Great for those bouts of spring and summer storms where the ground may be soggy for days.