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Boer Doe 'All Spice' with newborn 'Nellie'

The 2017 Breeding Season Has Begun!

The 2017 breeding season has begun. The first arrivals will be in November; featuring both 100% Myotonic and Myotonic-Boer 50-50 crosses. The final arrivals from the 2017 breeding season are scheduled for delivery in late February-early March 2018. These kids will include Myotonic-Boer 50-50 crosses from our senior Boer does and 100% Myotonic kids from the Myotonic does participating in autumn shows. With the introduction of new herd sires in 2017, we are eagerly awaiting the results from the new bloodlines.

Every spring & fall, newborn kids arrive on the ranch. Last November, we had both Myotonic-Boer 50-50 crosses and 100% Myotonic kids. We finished weaning just in time for the spring 2017 kidding. February heralded the arrival of the Myotonic-Boer 50-50 crosses from our senior herd does bred to Zeus....resulting in some exceptional doelings and what a glorious group of young bucks!

Our kids are weaned and available for pick-up at 8-12 weeks. Unless otherwise arranged, all kids will be dis-budded and CDT-vaccinated. We will be constantly updating this page, so look here for the latest photos and kid updates! 

Weight Gain - Fall 2016 50/50 Crosses
Kid's Name Birth Weight lbs Weight, lbs ~1 month Weight Gain per day*, lbs
Cali 6.5 23.5 0.49 Triplet
Peppercorn 8 24 0.46 Triplet
Nutmeg 6 22 0.46 Triplet
Ariel 7 22.5 0.52 Twin
Abigail 8 24 0.53 Twin
Noel 8 24 0.52 Twin
Horace 7 22 0.48 Twin
Buddy 8 25.5 0.63 Twin
Bridget 8 20.5 0.48 Twin
Sally 6 20 0.47 Single

*Based on actual Days Between Weighing